About Us

A Full-Service Nail Salon, Here for You

       The Dainty Nail Room is a Nail Salon that sets itself apart from other salons.  We feel that getting your nails done is such a sacred time for yourself, it is important to eliminate the hectic and loud environment found in most busy salons. Having a single suite salon does just that! Each client will have the entire space to themselves during their appointment. Whether you just want to sit back in silence and enjoy the serenity, or have a private conversation with your technician, The Dainty Nail Room will truly be yours. 

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The Waterless Pedicure

     The Dainty Nail Room is Denver's newest nail salon offering waterless pedicures. Getting your feet soaked isn't the only way to indulge yourself. Waterless pedicures not only offers a luxurious experience, it is now considered to be one of the most sanitary nail care treatments in the beauty industry. It has all the same benefits of a standard pedicure, at the same time eliminating disinfectants, dirty pipes filled with bacteria and wasted water. This new pedicure can be very enticing for clients who are diabetic because it omits any chance of cross-contamination from open wounds or sores leading to skin infections or disease.  

       Along with saving water for our Earth, you can still expect the same exfoliation, nail trims, cuticle care, callous removal, massage and polish all with the peace of mind of not putting your heath at risk of waterborne pathogens.


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